Note: This screen is only shown if one or more meters are in prepayment mode.

The Prepay screen is split into two. The left side shows electricity prepayment status, and the right shows gas prepayment status. 

The balance is displayed for each fuel in prepayment mode, along with how many days predicted before requiring a top-up. The outer ring changes colour to indicate how many days are remaining:

  • Green when more than 3 days remaining
  • Amber when less than 3 but more than 1
  • Red when less than one day remaining- text within the ring changes to ‘top-up required’ 

When you first set up your Trio, it will take a couple of days to gather enough information to sensibly calculate how many days your balance will last).

Pressing OK brings up the option to activate your emergency credit, if this is available.

Press the top-button (middle LED) to repeat the speech.

Other prepayment screens

If friendly or emergency credit is available, selected or in use this will be highlight on the Prepay tab. The examples above are for electricity but the same principles apply for gas. The number below will reflect the minimum amount
required to top-up. 

Pressing OK when emergency credit is available, will show the active emergency credit pop-up dialogue. If both fuels have emergency credit available, then the Prepay menu will be shown. 

The Trio is capable of notifying when the prepayment balance is low. Change the alert settings under Menu > Settings > Prepay > Low credit alert to be notified.