The geo home app guides you through how to link your geo home app to your Trio; this includes how to connect your Trio to your home's Internet router, and how to find the Linking code on the Trio (the Trio refers to the Linking code as a Secure code).

Note: Right now we only support connecting to the Trio and not connecting to a geo hub.

Enter the code shown on the Trio and submit it by pressing  [ Go ] on the device keyboard,  or tap the arrow on screen. Your Trio will now be linked to the app, press  [ Continue ] to return to the home screen. 


  • How do I connect my Trio to my internet router? - On the Trio go to the Menu >> Settings >> WiFi network. Use Change network to connect to a WiFi network, you may need to turn on the WiFi on the Trio, this is also found in the same WiFi network screen.
  • Where do I find my Trio Linking Code (Secure code)? - The Linking Code for the Trio is a 6 digit alpha-numeric code that can be can be found under the Menu of the Trio Menu >> Settings >> Online setup. The app guides you through the process, with instructions where to find the Linking code (Secure code). Note: You need to be connected to your internet router to gain access to this menu item.
  • Will I have to relink when ever I update my App? - No. Updates to the App will not impact the linking of your App with the Trio
  • Does my Trio auto link? - No. By default the Trio comes with WiFi switched off. You will need to follow the instructions above, or in the App to Link the Trio to your Tempo app.
  • How do I know if I am connected to my WiFi and geo's cloud? - The best way to view if you are connected to both is to use the Trio System status, this can be found under Menu >> System status. If you have successfully connected to your WiFi router and our cloud network, both the WiFi icon and Cloud icon will be green. If there is a problem the icons will be red, selecting the icon will inform you what the problem is.
  • My WiFi and Cloud icons are red, what does this mean? - If you have turned on the WiFi on the Trio but not connected it to your WiFi router, then both of these will be red. The WiFi and Cloud icons might still be red if you there are internet connectivity problems with your WiFi router, or if there is a problem with our cloud network.